XDEV Services


Support tailored to your project, project phase, timeframe and budget.

Community Support

You can get community support on GitHub in the respective project or on StackOverflow.
We always try to answer every new question as fast as possible. The speed depends heavily on staff availability and the difficulty of the question. Many questions are also answered by other community members.

Commercial Support

Communication runs via a dedicated support channel (ticket system). These tickets have a higher priority in terms of resolution, but without further assurances.

Via Commercial Support we offer the following services, among others:

  • Implement custom features for your project
  • Assistance with architecture design
  • General advice on the use of product features
  • Code review
  • Bug fixes

Premium Support

Communication runs via a dedicated premium support channel (ticket system). These tickets are handled with the highest priority.

Guaranteed service levels:

  • The guaranteed response time to tickets is 8 hours during business hours from 9am to 4pm (CET).
  • Once a ticket is closed, a corresponding release is subsequently made available.

Interested in our services? We will be happy to advise you without obligation. Get in touch with us now.