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More than just free software

Open Source

XDEV Software has been living Open Source for almost 20 years. From the beginning we have used Open Source components and believed that Open Source software is an excellent basis for successful projects and products. After a short time we started to open-source our first products and actively participated in the Open Source community. Today, many of our employees are actively involved in Open Source projects as committers.

In 2020, some of our lines of code, along with many other Open Source codes, were stored in the Arctic ice of Svalbard/Spitzbergen by Github in an effort to preserve it for future generations. Read more about it here:

XDEV code stored in Arctic Code Vault

Our popular Open Source projects include:


RapidClipse is a free Eclipse distribution for rapid cross-platform development with Java. RapidClipse is Eclipse – but preconfigured, extended with additional tools and optimized in many places to simplify professional application development with Java and Eclipse.



XDEV Application Framework

The XDEV Application Framework is the core of any application developed with XDEV-IDE. It provides a basic architecture and infrastructure for graphical Swing interfaces and database applications and facilitates many tasks that normally every Java programmer has to do by hand.

Vaadin Components

Vaadin is a web framework based on webcomponents or Java. We have developed integrations for different webcomponents to be able to use the components directly from Java.

LeafletMap maps component

Chip Combobox modern chips for the UI

DateRangePicker for selecting time ranges

GridExporter to export Vaadin Grids

Editable Labels to easily edit labels through the GUI

More Open Source projects from XDEV Software on GitHub: