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Java User Group Oberpfalz

Java enthusiasts around the world organize themselves in Java User Groups, JUG for short. The JUG Oberpfalz (Upper Palatinate) was founded in 2019 by our Richard Fichtner. As an open community, the group has the goal that members can exchange information about current topics on the application of Java technology in a relaxed atmosphere and network in the regional Java community. For this purpose, lecture and discussion evenings or regulars' tables are organized from time to time. Participation is free of charge.


XDEV is one of the main sponsors of JCON, a developer conference for the national and international Java community. JCON has been organized every year since 2017 by JUG Oberpfalz together with JAVAPRO Magazine. Initially conceived as an on-site event in Germany with coding on the big cinema screen, the Corona pandemic and the forced online version opened the JCON very successfully to an international audience.


DCN / Digital Craftsmanship Nordoberpfalz

The DCN – which stands for Digital Craftsmanship Nordoberpfalz – is a network founded in 2019, where everything revolves around modern software development and digitization, not only around our specialty Java. Our Richard is part of the DCN core team, which regularly organizes lecture and discussion evenings on current or desired topics. The DCN is supported by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and is a wonderful opportunity for the digital scene and software forges in the entire northern Upper Palatinate to network across companies and exchange professional ideas. Participation is free of charge.

Scrumtisch Weiden

The term agility has been on everyone's lips for a few years now. When agile ways of working, including the Scrum method, were emerging, XDEV organized itself together with other companies from the region in a kind of regulars' table. At this "Scrumtisch Weiden" the challenges were discussed and valuable experience and tips were shared. That there was a great need for this kind of exchange was also expressed by the fact that some guests were traveling from far afield cities, for example from Bamberg or from the Bavarian Forest. At the moment the "Scrumtisch Weiden" is dormant, but our common mailing list continues to exist.