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XDEV Micro­Migration

Library for automatic migration of MicroStream datastores

With the XDEV MicroMigration library the data in your MicroStream datastores is updated quick and easy just like Flyway or Liquibase for SQL databases.

XDEV MicroMigration provides additional security and stability to your MicroStream application

The library can be used completely free of charge and is published as open source under the Apache 2.0 license.


What is MicroStream?

MicroStream is a java-native object graph persistence layer. It was created to eliminate expensive mappings an conversions to different systems. Thus enabling high-performance low-latency in-memory computing.

Data is stored, loaded and changed fast and simple with MicroStream.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use XDEV MicroMigration for free?

Yes! We published XDEV MicroMigration completely free of charge and even provide the source code.

What MicroStream versions are supported?

All versions of MicroStream beginning with 5.x.x and higher are supported. We try to supply a fitting XDEV MicroMigration with every MicroStream Release.

As descriped in the GitHub-Repostiory it is also possible to use XDEV MicroMigration for unsupported MicroStream versions.

Download XDEV MicroMigration

You can download XDEV MicroMigration through GitHub.


We suggest the integration through maven, which is descriped in detail in the GitHub-Repository


Downloadable anytime

Our code of the libraries is hosted on GitHub. Binaries are available through Maven.