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XDEV Spring-Data-Eclipse-Store

Library for optimized use of EclipseStore within a Spring application

The XDEV Spring Data Eclipse Store library simplifies the use of EclipseStore in a Spring environment.

The special feature of this library is that it creates a working copy of the data. This way, EclipseStore behaves almost like a relational database from a programming perspective.

The library can be used free of charge and has been published as open source under the Apache 2.0 license: GitHub repository 
This means that the complete source code can be viewed and used.


What is EclipseStore?

EclipseStore is a Java-native object graph persistence layer. It was created to eliminate expensive mappings or conversions to different systems and enables high-performance low-latency in-memory data processing.

Data can therefore be saved, loaded and changed quickly and easily with the help of EclipseStore in Java.

Why would i need the XDEV Spring-Data-Eclipse-Store library?

EclipseStore can already be used for Spring applications without any problems.

For developers who have already worked with other databases in the Spring environment, the functionality and behavior of EclipseStore is unusual. With the XDEV Spring Data Eclipse Store library, developers can use the familiar Spring Data repositories and at the same time the performance and flexibility of EclipseStore.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use XDEV Spring Data Eclipse Store free of charge?

Yes, we provide XDEV Spring-Data-Eclipse-Store free of charge together with the complete source code.

EclipseStore also provides the source code under the Eclipse Public License 2.0.

Under which license is XDEV Spring-Data-Eclipse-Store licensed?

XDEV Spring-Data-Eclipse-Store is available under the Apache License 2.0.

The Apache License 2.0 allows the client to be modified, distributed and used for commercial purposes. Die Apache License 2.0 erlaubt es den Client zu modifizieren, zu vertreiben und für kommerzielle Zwecke zu verwenden.

EclipseStore is published under the Eclipse Public License 2.0.

Download XDEV Spring-Data-Eclipse-Store

You can download XDEV Spring-Data-Eclipse-Store through GitHub.


We suggest the integration through maven, which is described in detail in the documentation.


Downloadable anytime

Our code of the libraries is hosted on GitHub.
Binaries are available through Maven: