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Java Magazin: Fast language localization with RapidClipse

In the German Java Magazin (issue 3.2022) an article with the title: "Question of politeness and comprehensibility" was published. It describes how internationalization for Java applications can not only succeed but also be significantly simplified with our RAD tool RapidClipse.

Factors such as layout, interaction, and accessibility certainly play an important role in ensuring that the famous user experience is right for a program or app. But individual language adaptation, i.e. localization or internationalization, is now also part of the standard repertoire and thus increases comprehensibility and thus usability immensely.

Editor Veikko Krypczyk describes in his article how easy it is to locate strings (labels, text fields, etc.) directly in our IDE RapidClipse and then generate a resource file for each language that contains the appropriate translation. Repetitive strings can be swapped into spanning resource files, so that not only the effort is reduced, but above all a consistent translation is guaranteed. Subsequent additions of further languages are also no problem - regardless of the application's source code. Finally, the selection of the language at runtime can be done either manually on user request or automatically (based on the system settings).

The entire article can be read in the current issue or online with a Basic subscription.