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XDEV × Apache Maven – a love story.

Even after almost 30 years, Java is still one of the most important programming languages in the world. It is no longer news that our heart beats passionately for Java and that we at XDEV are committed to promoting and supporting open source software at the same time.

And if you work with Java, you can't get around Apache Maven.
Apache Maven is a powerful build management tool and a globally used project management tool with millions of users every day. It was primarily designed to simplify the process of developing Java applications. It automates many tasks, such as compiling code, managing libraries and building finished applications. This makes development more efficient and structured.

What makes it special is that there is no company behind Apache Maven as the main player, instead the project is completely driven by a worldwide community. Many "small" contributors work together globally to keep the big Java world running.

For many years, XDEV has been a loyal and proud supporter, a friend, of the Apache Maven project. Our support manifests itself in many ways.

In addition to classic financial contributions in the form of monetary donations or sponsorships via GitHub or other platforms, we ourselves actively engage in the developer community by contributing to the project and thus contributing to its continuous development. Volunteer writing of documentation or organizing free trainings and developer meetings is also part of it.

Our CEO Richard Fichtner travels Germany and all over the world to attend the most important developer conferences as a guest speaker. Here, too, he regularly makes Apache Maven the topic of discussion. Most recently, he spoke about Apache Maven at JavaLand in Brühl, at JavaForum Stuttgart, at the Kansas City Developer Conference and ApacheCon in New Orleans and at DevoxxUK in London, among others.

In addition to the presentations, so-called "Birds-of-a-Feather" rounds are often organized at such conferences. Such a BOF session is a very casual, informal gathering of like-minded developers with similar interests (in this case Apache Maven) to discuss, exchange ideas, and work together on specific issues. In the Apache Maven community, programmers sometimes work together online for many years. The conferences are therefore also the ideal opportunity to finally get to know each other face to face. At ApacheCon last year in New Orleans, we witnessed such a great moment when two long-time "committers" met in person for the first time.

We at XDEV are definitely proud that our financial and technical support, as well as the talks, have had a lasting impact on the development and spread of Apache Maven as an important and powerful open source tool.