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XDEV launches "OpenRewriter X" IntelliJ plugin

We at XDEV Software are proud to unveil "OpenRewriter X", our latest IntelliJ plugin crafted to boost coding efficiency and simplify usage of OpenRewrite. This open-source tool enables developers to apply OpenRewrite recipes directly within their IDE, offering compatibility with both Maven and Gradle build tools.

The plugin is versatile, allowing modifications on individual project modules or external directories, ensuring broad applicability across different project scopes.

Notably, "OpenRewriter X" is compatible with the IntelliJ Platform 2023.1 and later versions, including the latest release of Android Studio, and does not require an "Ultimate" subscription, making it accessible for users of the free IntelliJ versions.

The plugin is available via Jetbrains or GitHub.


About OpenRewrite:

OpenRewrite is a powerful code transformation tool that automates the refactoring and migration of source code. It provides a comprehensive library of recipes for common code modifications, enabling developers to improve code quality, enforce standards, and migrate to new technologies with minimal manual effort. OpenRewrite's flexible architecture allows for integration with various build tools and IDEs, enhancing the development workflow and code consistency across projects.