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XDEV @ DevoxxUK 2023: "Full Stack Java - building a web app incl. persistence with plain Java"

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London's calling – from May 10 to 12, Devoxx UK is once again summoning software developers and IT professionals from all over the world to the British capital. XDEV is right in the middle of it.

With high-profile speakers, inspiring talks and hands-on workshops, Devoxx UK provides a platform for developers to share the latest trends and technologies in software development. The conference is known for its relaxed atmosphere, networking opportunities and promotion of knowledge and innovation. From Java and JVM technologies to cloud computing, artificial intelligence and DevOps, Devoxx UK covers a wide range of topics.

Our Richard Fichtner will be speaking on May 10 (from 16:10 - 17:00) at the Exce Centre on the topic: "Full Stack Java - building a web app incl. persistence with plain Java". And that's what his talk is about:

Full Stack Developer usually means you know how to build a web app with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Angular, React, TypeScript, Java, SQL, NoSQL and many cloud services. That's great, but also a lot of stuff to know and keep up with.

I propose a different solution: Why don't we work just with Java?

Focusing on one part of that stack should allow us to master that part and be more productive. Also, maintenance and onboarding new team members to such a project should be easier.
Join me and learn how to build enterprise-ready web apps with supported open-source frameworks like MicroStream and Vaadin with just basic Java knowledge. This is the right talk for you if you liked how things were done in Java Swing.