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XDEV Software GmbH

Welcome to XDEV's Metaverse

According to Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, the future of the Internet lies in metaverses, virtual spaces or online parallel worlds in which people move around with avatars. Even the company has been renamed "Meta" last year.

The fact that we at XDEV seem to be ahead of our time is proven by our own little metaverse: two of our colleagues have already recreated our XDEV office 1:1 in the platform "Gather" long before Zuckerberg's announcement – with extreme attention to detail for our individual rooms!

In this XDEV metaverse, each of our team members can move his or her own figure – his or her virtual twin so to speak – and this is how we hold our team meetings, smaller coordination rounds or even joint online game evenings.

The cool thing about it is that you can move freely around the room and either speak to just one person or be audible to everyone in the room. This makes digital communication much more fun, and it also facilitates interaction much more than it is possible via Zoom, Teams and Co.

And regardless of whether the Facebook metaverse actually becomes the next big thing or a mega flop – we're already having a ball in our "Gather" office in the meantime!