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"Refactor your code to Java 20" – Devnexus 2023

Taking place April 4 – 6 in Atlanta, Devnexus 2023 is the largest Java platform conference in the USA and one of the leading conferences in software development and technology.

This year's Devnexus at the Georgia World Congress Center will feature a wide range of topics including cloud computing, AI, IoT, DevOps and more. Plus, of course, the conference will once again provide a great opportunity for developers to expand their knowledge, explore new technologies, and network with industry peers.

On site will be our Richard, who will be giving a talk on April 5 together with Barry Burd.
Barry Burd is a professor of mathematics and computer science at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey and the author of several books, including 'Java For Dummies'. In 2020, he was named a Java Champion.

Refactor your code to Java 20
  • Speaker: Richard Fichtner & Barry Burd
  • Date: Mittwoch, 05.04.2023
  • Time: 16:00 – 16:55
  • Location: 305 (Core Java)
  • Abstract: "All of a sudden Java is a hip language again. With every release, we get new features. But your code still looks like 2014 aka Java 1.8. Let’s change that and bring the new style to your codebase. In this session, we will take a look at “legacy” code and refactor it to gain the benefits of newer Java versions. In a live coding setting, Barry and Richard will present each other with refactoring quests to demonstrate how you can go about changing your code today. Disclaimer: You might learn about features your colleagues don't want you to know because you won’t stop talking about new Java releases. ;)"