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Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi playground for XDEV's budding programmers

For some time now, it has been a tradition at XDEV that new trainees and interns receive a small toy from us in the form of a Raspberry Pi Starter Kit before they start working for us.

This allows them to give free rein to their creativity and at the same time gain their first practical experience in programming, hardware and electronics.

While in the past "only" a mouse or keyboard was included with the Raspberry Pis, our kit now includes the new Raspberry Pi 400 with integrated keyboard as well as a whole potpourri of really cool modules and components: including display lights, servo motors, power switches, speakers, display elements, infrared sensors, number fields, resistors - simply everything the heart desires.

In addition to extensive online tutorials, this starter kit also includes 65 projects (for the programming languages C, Python, Java and Scratch) including a circuit diagram, an overview of the functional principles and a detailed explanation of the code used in each project.

We are really excited to see what our trainees and interns come up with this time and what cool gadgets they will build and program with it!