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RapidClipseXDEV Software GmbH

🚀 RapidClipse 11 is here!

Good things come to those who wait. We are very happy to announce: RapidClipse 11 is now available as a final release!

Download RapidClipse 11


In addition to numerous updates and bug fixes, we are especially proud of the following new features in this release:


RapidClipse Version 11 - new features at a glance:
  • Switch from Bower to PNPM
    • Future proof RapidClipse and move to Vaadin 23
    • Less vulnerable to security issues
  • New Theme handling
    • Themes are now all displayed in the UI Builder
    • Themes are now displayed in a separate tab
    • Themes are now set and applied natively in the UI Builder
    • No more HTML imports in the different classes
  • Performance and CSS improvements in RapidClipse UI Builder
    • CSS is displayed 1:1
    • Preview server is now started only once
      • more memory efficient
      • each additional window opens faster
  • Extension of the QuickLaucher by Production Deployment


Download RapidClipse 11


RapidClipse is a fully preconfigured and tool-enriched Eclipse distribution that turns Eclipse into a visual Java IDE and enables cross-platform development. With RapidClipse, thanks to an easy-to-use GUI builder, individual business applications and software products can be developed in record time, running on all major platforms as well as in the cloud.

RapidClipse 11 is available for Windows, Linux and Mac, is completely free, and the entire framework is opensource.