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Microstream / EclipseStoreJava

Now available: IBM Cloud Object Store Connectors for MicroStream/EclipseStore

We have released a connector that allows storing data of a MicroStream Datastore in the IBM Cloud Object Storage. The connector makes use of the Java API offered by IBM. In order to be prepared for the future, we already support EclipseStore in addition to MicroStream.

The functionality is similar to MicroStream's Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) connector, except that our connector is specifically designed for IBM COS.

The IBM Cloud offers enterprises and developers a wide range of cloud services and solutions that allow applications, data and workloads to be securely hosted, managed and scaled in the cloud.

The IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) service is a powerful and flexible cloud storage solution that enables large amounts of unstructured data to be stored, managed and accessed in the cloud. IBM COS offers the following features and benefits:

  • Scalability: IBM COS can easily handle growing data volumes and offers virtually unlimited scalability.
  • Data security: IBM COS provides industry-leading security features such as encryption of data at rest and in transit, access controls, authentication and authorization to ensure that data is protected.
  • Data storage: IBM COS enables storage of a wide range of data types, including images, videos, documents, backups and more. This data is organized as objects in what are called “buckets.”
  • Cost Efficiency: Users only pay for the storage they actually use, and IBM COS offers flexible pricing models for best cost optimization.
  • Data Retrieval & Resilience: IBM COS enables fast and reliable retrieval of data and is designed for 99.999999999999% data durability.
  • Integration: IBM COS integrates seamlessly with other IBM cloud services and applications, simplifying application development and deployment.