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New release: Vaadin Flow Java API for Leaflet Maps completely reworked

We have updated our Vaadin Flow Java API for Leaflet. Leaflet is an open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly, interactive maps that boasts small file size, ease of use, and extensibility, providing developers with an efficient way to create engaging map applications for desktop and mobile devices.

The new version of our LeafletMap for Vaadin can be found on GitHub or in the Vaadin Directory and comes with the following changes:

  • The entire API has been reworked and now has the same structure as Leaflet.
  • Many new Leaflet APIs have been added; these include useful features like GeoLocation, new methods for Map, tooltips & popups, overlays (image, video and SVG), rectangles, controls for scaling, layers and more.
  • The elements have been abstracted, similar to Leaflet itself, to facilitate extensibility.
  • The API only supports sending instructions to the client. Retrieving client-side data is not supported due to data security issues (client-side data can be modified by users). Event listeners can still be registered manually, and an example is available in the demo.
  • All Leaflet elements are now tracked on the client and on the server, and therefore can be modified/reused (using LComponentManagementRegistry).
  • Integrated default Leaflet resources

We appreciate feedback, improvement suggestions or bug reports via Github!

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