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Java Models for Chart.js - new XDEV GitHub Repository

Our latest release on GitHub is chartjs-java-model. It is possibly the only Java model library available for Chart.js 4+ (current version). It allows a Java server to build a chart and then instruct a JavaScript client on what should be displayed. This repository extends the abandoned and adds support for Chart.js version 4+.

The main advantage of this library is that it enables server-side creation of chart configurations, which can then be serialized as JSON and returned. This eliminates the need to work with JavaScript or similar technologies on the client side. The models are type-safe and provide several checks to ensure that the charts can be displayed in certain configurations. Additionally, they can be easily extended.

Our Java model library also stands out as it is open source and backed by XDEV, a company rather than an individual. Furthermore, we have conducted integration tests using test containers to ensure functionality.