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Intern project: ad-free surfing thanks to Raspberry Pi

XDEV continues its tradition: new trainees and also our interns always receive a small gift before they start with us – a Raspberry Pi Starter Kit. With this, they can give free rein to their creativity and gain their first practical experience in the areas of programming, hardware and electronics.

The kit includes a Raspberry Pi 400 with integrated keyboard and an extensive selection of cool modules and components. These include indicator lights, servo motors, power switches, speakers, LCD display elements, infrared sensors, number fields and resistors - simply everything you could possibly want to realize your projects.

Our intern Lars recently decided to turn his Raspberry Pi into a DNS server and keep his whole network ad-free. He used the open source software "Pi-hole" for this purpose. This tool not only blocks advertisements (on all devices connected to the network), but can also prevent loading contaminated, harmful websites.

Raspberry Pi Starter Kit