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DEVNEXUS '24: Talk on massive cost savings using Serverless Java

As already announced, our CEO Richard Fichtner will once again be among the speakers at this year's DEVNEXUS Java conference in Atlanta. This time, he's teaming up with Markus Kett, CEO of Microstream.

“Unlocking Dramatic Savings: Optimize your App and Database Footprint with Serverless Java” 

Under this title, their presentation will provide deep insights into the world of microservices and serverless architecture.

In the dynamic world of cloud-native applications, efficient microservices are crucial to success. This talk will introduce a groundbreaking blend of serverless computing – thanks to the powerful in-memory data platform EclipseStore. Serverless architectures simplify the deployment and scaling of applications in containers and allow developers to focus on programming and not on infrastructure. The benefits of combining it with EclipseStore are:

  • Seamless Scalability: The dynamic scaling of microservices through serverless architecture optimizes resource use and minimizes overhead.
  • Data Efficiency: EclipseStore's in-memory data processing increases the speed of data access and reduces latency.
  • Cost Savings: Serverless computing significantly reduces infrastructure costs and eliminates the need for server management. At the same time, EclipseStore eliminates the costs of data storage.

Therefore, this lecture is a must for any developer, IT professional, and decision-maker looking to maximize the performance of their applications while minimizing operating costs.

Ticket Code – Save $100

The conference will take place this year from April 9 to 11 at the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC). The exact lecture slot will be announced soon. Register now for DEVNEXUS 2024 and don't forget to use our exclusive discount code DN24XDEV for $100 off the ticket.