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Cost savings and performance boost: The new Spring Data EclipseStore Library from XDEV

Revolutionize your Spring projects with the new Spring Data EclipseStore Library from XDEV. Benefit from significant cost savings in the cloud and use EclipseStore – the groundbreaking Java-native persistence layer – in your Spring projects. And do so without changing your usual working methods thanks to drop-in replacement.

The Spring Data EclipseStore Library enables seamless integration of EclipseStore into any Spring project. By adding a simple annotation to the SpringBoot application, the full power of EclipseStore is unleashed. This means that our library can be used as a drop-in replacement. This can save up to 99%* of monthly costs in the IBM Cloud and up to 82%** in the AWS Cloud.

So far, it has been difficult to switch from a relational data structure to the object-based persistence of EclipseStore. But with our library, EclipseStore can be used with the familiar Spring data structure (i.e. repositories and entities) and without any rethinking.

Nevertheless, the advantages such as ultra-fast, Java-native serialization and minimal overhead are retained. The various targets such as AWS S3, Oracle or Redis can also still be used. This makes the library ideal for microservices or other serverless applications that require small data storage.

Our new XDEV library can now be used free of charge via GitHub and has been published as open source under the Apache 2.0 license.


* If the COS Connector is used in the IBM Cloud instead of a PostgreSQL and approx. 10,000 entries with a total size of 1 GB of data are stored. (IBM Cloud Pricing, as of 08.01.2024)

** If the S3 connector is used instead of DynamoDB under the same conditions at AWS. (AWS Pricing Calculator, as of 08.01.2024)