Develop Java desktop applications in record time

With XDEV 5 you develop Java database applications as fast and comfortable as with Access, FoxPro, VB, Delphi and other 4GL tools. However, with XDEV 5 the result is a real Java application. Platform & database independent.

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Swing GUI-Builder

Design Java surfaces like with a graphics program

With XDEV 5's Java Swing GUI Builder you can design Java interfaces as quickly and easily as with a graphics program. You don't need the slightest Java knowledge for this, because all GUI code is generated automatically.


Massive GUI components scope

Most comprehensive GUI components palette that exists for Java

XDEV 5 offers you the ultimate power features that will make your application much more powerful and comfortable. Enhance your solution with features your users could only dream of. With the GUI features of XDEV 5 you will inspire your users and clients and shock your competitors at the same time.


Database Tools

Develop database-independent applications

Your Java applications developed with XDEV 5 are automatically database independent. Whether you want to start from scratch or build on top of an existing database, XDEV 5 provides you with all the tools you need.


Java Code Editor

Complete Java Code Editor

XDEV 5 shines not only as a visual development tool, but also in coding. XDEV 5 offers a complete Java code editor with all the important functions that professionals need, including code completion, refactoring, debugger and version management. This allows you to extend all the features that XDEV 5 provides you with by default, replace them with external components or your own implementations. In addition, you can basically use any Java API on this planet for your development and thus implement with XDEV 5 everything that is possible with Java. This flexibility, openness and extensibility of framework and development environment is one of the major differences between XDEV 5 and previous 4GL tools.


Download XDEV 5

Note: If only a 32-bit Java version is available on your computer despite a 64-bit operating system, the XDEV 5 64-bit version cannot run. In this case, you must uninstall the existing 32-bit Java version. You can then install the XDEV 5 64-bit version.


Verlag Esterbauer

Using the XDEV IDE as a single developer, I developed an extensive Java database application that manages all of our tourism content. This allows our editors to easily and efficiently fill the cycling and hiking guides with this information.  

For more than 8 years now, this in-house development has become a fixed part of the publishing house's daily routine. However, thanks to the easy-to-use framework, I can always keep this system up to date and develop it further with the XDEV IDE, despite many other everyday tasks. In addition, I have the security of knowing that if I really don't know what to do, I can get help from XDEV support.

Martin WischinIT Verlag Esterbauer GmbH