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Open Source: ComboBox for Vaadin Flow

Who doesn't love it when something is quick and easy? Well, we at XDEV do. And that's exactly why we built a ComboBox with Chips/Chip component for Vaadin Flow and made it publicly available. This little gem has been helping us in our projects for some time now. The links to the Vaadin Directory and to Github are attached below.

A ComboBox is a control in a graphical user interface (GUI). With a ComboBox, the user can either make a selection from given options or make their own input.

Vaadin is a modern, mature technology for implementing web applications in Java, which we like to work with. For example, our GUI builder in RapidClipse is based on Vaadin. (And a little fun fact at the end: The name Vaadin comes from Finnish and means female reindeer).