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XDEV: Clean Code talk at Developer Week '22 (DWX)

Developer Week '22 will take place in Nuremberg from July 4th to 8th. For five days, everything revolves around web, mobile, Java and .Net in lectures, workshops and dev sessions at the Nuremberg Convention Center East (NCC).

Our Richard Fichtner will be right in the middle of things and will be a guest speaker on July 6th. Topic of his session:

Break free from maintenance hell with Clean Code

  • Date: July 6th 2022
  • Time: 17 – 18 Uhr
  • Location: hall "Sidney", NCC Ost
  • Content:

    If you ever had to find the bug late at night and asked yourself how to do it better next time, come and join me in this talk to find out you are not alone and there are even worse things to discover. See what you can do today to create a better world for future-you! Spoiler Alert: Some examples will make you laugh and then cry 😉

    Robert C. Martin coined the term "Clean Code" in his eponymous book on software development. But what is clean code? And what does this have to do with the maintainability of software?

    In this talk, you will find practical examples of how small improvements in "code cleanliness" can have very positive effects on the maintainability of your software. Using examples from more than 15 years of project experience, you will learn techniques that you can still use today in your code.