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Our LEGO Rover: playful edge computing

The XDEV team loves LEGO and our Arne is no exception.

With this little project, he was able to let his play instinct and love of experimentation run free. Arne built this remote controlled LEGO rover to send it on an adventure trip through the office and especially to test some ideas.

The mini rover is equipped with a camera, a powerbank for power supply and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Thanks to the Raspberry Pi on board, we can aggregate the myriad of data and send only relevant info back to the cloud via edge computing.

Edge computing means data is processed directly or close to the data source instead of, for example, in a distant data center. After an initial analysis, edge computing deletes real-time relevant information and forwards only the optimized data to the server or cloud. The result or goal: less latency and bandwidth usage.