XDEV Software GmbH

Ordering chicken via Telegram chatbot

Lunch is a top priority at XDEV. Because you simply don't develop well when you're hungry. A popular dish you can find on our plates regularly is the grilled chicken from our favorite roastery.
And since collecting orders by pen and paper is simply not appropriate for a software company like XDEV, we took the digitization of the grilled chicken into our own hands - at least for us internally:

We set up a Telegram chatbot via which we can place and collect our orders with just a few taps. Yes, even the side dish (potato salad with vinegar or mayo, coleslaw and/or pretzel) can be added to the order. And our new lunch assistant also calculates the amount to be paid at the same time.
The designated "meal organizer" now only needs to go to the grill with the complete list after the order has been placed and can then simply collect the money from his or her colleagues.