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Informatik Aktuell: Rapid Application Development in Java using RapidClipse

Dr. Veikko Krypczyk has published a new article in the German online magazine Informatik Aktuell under the title "Java and RAD - it fits".

Using our development environment RapidClipse as an example, he describes how such a proven toolbox can accelerate application development. In particular, he discusses the creation of web applications with the help of our interactive User Interface Builder.

His conclusion translates to:

"Rapid Application Development aims to accelerate the development process by providing suitable tools. The approach is not new, but highly topical against the background of a constantly growing demand for applications. This is done through designers and wizards, which are integrated to form a comprehensive and well-coordinated development tool. Their use concerns typical and recurring tasks, such as the design of the user interface or the connection to the data world.

This article has shown that classical Java development can benefit from this approach. RapidClipse bundles a variety of tools and plug-ins in a preconfigured development environment based on Eclipse. Using Interface Builder, a web-based user interface is generated via drag & drop and wizards according to the user's wishes. The result is a system-independent web application suitable for desktop and mobile. This demonstrates that the RAD approach can also be used successfully in the world of Java."

The full article can be accessed in German here.